Sacramento History Online Agriculture Game

The Whole Farm


The farm is just as you remembered it.   There are so many things to do!   Your Aunt Sarah is busy cooking in the farmhouse kitchen and needs some help with a special recipe to celebrate your arrival.   There is the barn where you liked to play and the family garden to explore.   And, out in the orchard, the almond harvest has just begun.   What will you do first?


There are several ways to enjoy your visit.   You can explore different locations on your own to learn more about farm life, or you can help your aunt and gather clues to solve a puzzle.

  •   To explore the farm, CLICK on one of the clickable items on this "Whole Farm" screen.

  •   To learn how to solve the puzzle, start in the kitchen.

  •   To see the puzzle or to solve it at any time, CLICK on the Puzzle button on this screen.

  •   In many of the locations on the farm, you can CLICK on objects within
       the animations to find puzzle clues or to learn more about life on the farm.

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