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All images for Genre/Form Film negatives
5 images found
 Swimmers on a paddlewheel : film negative. [ca. 1913]. Center for Sacramento History. 1989/041/02300

 Film negative of Jack Irwin and biplane. [ca. 1925]. Center for Sacramento History. 1989/041/02154

 Film negative of the Natoma No. 9 Dredger surrounded by automobiles of the Real Estate Agents Association. [ca. 1911]. Center for Sacramento History. 1977/054/00068

 Film negative of Police Chief Koening and the Fox Senator Theater Chorus Line. [ca. 1930]. Center for Sacramento History. 1970/001/00160

 Film negative of Alhambra Theatre. 1955. Center for Sacramento History. 1972/212/01075

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