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Title  Sun Drying California Apricots
Publisher  San Francisco, Calif. : California Publishers Co-operative Association
Date  1915
Description  1 photograph ; 5 x 7 in.
Subject(s)  Food drying--California (2), Fruit--California (8), Apricots (2), California (254)

Photographic prints (350)

Summary  Apricots lay in the field drying in this picture from the first issue of California Magazine. Author E. J. Wickson claimed in that issue that California had monopolized trade in the Western Hemisphere in this versatile fruit. A. P. Smith listed 11 varieties in his catalog for 1856 and apricots have been raised and sold in the Sacramento Valley ever since. By the end of the 1920s California produced 125,000 tons annually, with the majority (over 90,000 tons) dried for local and export sales.
Sacramento Public Library, Sacramento Room
Copyright  Sacramento Public Library, Sacramento Room
SPE 979.4 C1532 1915 CAL
SPE 979.4 C1532 1915 CAL - following p. 424

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