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Title  [Administrator's Sale Poster]
Date  1869
Description  1 poster ; 16 x 13 in.
Subject(s)  Shattuck, William (1), Wheelright, Joseph (1), Auctions--California--Sacramento (2), Carts & wagons--California--Sacramento (54), Horses--California--Sacramento (4), Harnesses--California--Sacramento (1), Sacramento (Calif.) (782)

Posters (23)

Summary  This original poster announces the sale of the personal property of Joseph Wheelright under the jurisdiction of the probate court, a system still in effect over 130 years later. Probably advertised in one of the half-dozen newspapers of the day as well as broadsides and posters like this, the horses, harnesses and wagon constituted a potential livelihood in soil-rich Sacramento County. Crops cried out for transit to the boats, barges, and trains that steamed out of Sacramento bearing the Valley's riches as far as they could travel without spoiling. In 1890 Sacramento strawberries were first carried by rail to Colorado and opened even broader markets for the cornucopia of fruits and produce that could be grown in the region.
Sacramento Public Library, Sacramento Room
Copyright  Sacramento Public Library, Sacramento Room
Sac Pamphlet File--Ephemera

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