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Title  [Automobiles - Highways - Recreation - Sacramento]
Publisher  Sacramento, Calif. : Kimball-Upson
Date  1916
Description  276 p. : ill. ; 25 cm.
Subject(s)  Brown, Edward (23), Roads (7), Sacramento (Calif.) (782), California (254), Sacramento River (Calif.) (240), Stockton (Calif.) (21)

Book illustrations (89)

Summary  This Kimball-Upson Co. catalogue for 1916 carried the latest in hunting, fishing and team sports equipment as well as everything to make the automobile run. The California State Automobile Association took a page to promote a plea for new roads and highways. In the early part of last century long auto trips were a real adventure and required careful planning, patience and more than a little luck. Back then the emphasis was on getting the public to admire the wilderness within reach of the automobile so they would purchase more automobiles and related products.
Sacramento Public Library, Sacramento Room
Copyright  Sacramento Public Library, Sacramento Room
SPE 688.76 K49 1916 SAC
SPE 688.76 K49 1916 SAC p. 149

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