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Lesson Plan 8 - Transportation
download lesson08.pdf

This lesson helps reinforce student learning related to the history of transportation in Sacramento County. The two documents noted below are in Adobe Acrobat PDF format and must be viewed or printed with Acrobat Reader. In Lesson 8, students play the Transportation Game, under GAMES at the Sacramento History Online website at To play the game, you must have a current Flash Player (6.0 or higher).

1. Apply knowledge of transportation and Sacramento’s role as a transportation hub.
2. Complete the transportation unit with an entertaining final activity.

4.1.3 - 4.1.5 Physical and human geographic features that define places and regions in California
4.4.1 - 4.4.4 California's rise as an agricultural and industrial power

CLICK to download this PDF document, which then can be viewed and printed with Adobe Reader.


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DOCUMENTS TO DISCUSS (view online or print screen)
The documents below provide background information related to the game.
CLICK on an image to view or print the document.

download pdf file
1. Sacramento souvenir guide
Illustrated pamphlet with timetables for trains, steamboats, and stagecoaches; includes general information about Sacramento and points of interest for visitors and tourists. Contains numerous advertisements for Sacramento businesses. NOTE: Large PDF File (8.8 MB)

download pdf file
2. California Transportation
Company brochure

[ca. 1915]
Advertises water travel with the steamers Fort Sutter, Capital City, Pride of the River, and Isleton, and rail connections with the Northern Electric Railway and the Sacramento and Woodland Railroad. Includes descriptions, fares, diagrams, and timetables.

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1. Print Student Activity Sheet 8 and Key.

2. In this activity, students play the Transportation Game at (Choose Transportation Game from the Games menu at the top of the screen).

3. Before playing the game, you may want to review and print the two PDF files above. Document 1 is a souvenir guide from 1911, which provides additional background about Sacramento in that time period. (NOTE: This is a very large file (8.8 MB) but contains interesting information). Document 2 is a smaller brochure with more details about several steamers that will be mentioned in the game.

4. In the game, students will take an imaginary trip from San Francisco to Sacramento in 1916. Featured transportation, topics, and locations include the following:

  a. Panama-Pacific International Exposition

  b. San Francisco wharf

  c. Steamers Pride of the River and Capital City

  Students who choose the Capital City read a story about the steamer Senator.

  Students who choose the Pride of the River make a stop on the river.

  d. Sacramento docks

  e. Southern Pacific Train Depot (choose train to go east)

  f. Electric train to Joyland at Oak Park

  g. Automobile ride (Lincoln Highway, Yolo Causeway, Amanda Preuss)

  h. Locomotive crash spectacle at the State Fair


5. At eight points, students can view a postcard reflecting their location:

a. C. P. Huntington locomotive

b. Steamers Pride of the River or Capital City

c. Sacramento River scene

d. I Street Bridge

e. Southern Pacific Depot

f. Miniature Railway at Oak Park (Joyland)

g. Auto ride

h. Locomotive crash

6. Before students play the game, you may want to give each student a copy of Activity Sheet 8: My Transportation Journal, (page 8-3) to record information at each point in their journey. At the end of the game, students fill in the blanks by dragging a small image of each postcard to the proper sentence. The sentences match those on Activity Sheet 8.

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1. Make a postcard. At the end of the game, students may print any of the eight postcards. These postcards can be folded, strengthened with cardboard, and glued. Have students choose their favorite card and write a message to a friend describing one of the things he or she experienced on the imaginary trip. (NOTE: On Internet Explorer Browsers, you may need to select Print Wide Pages for the cards to print at their correct size of 4 x 6 inches. With some other browsers, you may need to expand the document size in the page setup).

2. Create a mural showing transportation in the Sacramento area at three different time periods and how it changed over time. (1850, 1880, and 1920)

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